Explore the Wailua Ahupua‘a

From Kaua‘i’s eastern shore to Mount Wai‘ale‘ale, Wailua welcomes each day and reveals its beauty as the sun rises. The sandy beaches, gentle Wailua River, verdant uplands, and lofty mountains graced by waterfalls are warmed by the sun and cooled by easterly tradewinds. Discover Wailua’s beauty and history. This website takes you on a virtual tour of the Wailua Heritage Trail and provides information on significant points of interest. Ready to go?

Map of the Wailua Heritage Trail
*An ahupuaʻa is a division of land from the uplands to the sea. The boundary was marked by a heap of stones (ahu). An image of a pig (puaʻa) was placed on top of the heap as a tribute to the chief of that land division.